Slave VESC won't spin the motor

I’ve had my board as a single motor and just got the second motor and VESC today. I’m using canbus and followed what @skslingo21 said and now my new VESC won’t spin the motor. Just three red flashes in series, the older VESC still works and spins. Any ideas??

Maybe DRV fault? Check out real time data in BLDC programm if there is some kind of error…

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Have you done properly motor detection ? And applied the Can fwrd ?

@aigenic fault code: NONE

@ElskerShadow yeah I did the motor detection and chose Id 1 and Ticked CAN Fwd on the master with the CAN connected

I typed can_devs into the terminal and the master detects the slave.

Check that the slave works on its own

ok. Give me a few minutes.

@faithfulpuppy it does not. Series of three flashing lights. And no fault codes in realtime data.

EDIT: I applied throttle and it gave DRV8302, didn’t realize I had to do that for the code to show up.

Welp, guess that solves it. Sorry bro.

What do you think broke the DRV chip? Setting up canbus incorrectly?

I’m not sure what caused it. I’m pretty sure I followed the instructions correctly, but I may have connected it before setting up the id’s.

My advice to anyone is to forget Canbus and just run dual masters with split ppm with just signal wire from one of the vescs. And all 3 wires for the other Vesc. It’s the simplest and safest setup for Vesc 4 oops, here we go again…


Yeah I’ve read lots about that argument and wanted to try the traction control. I have an extra ppm cable. Which single wire do I keep?

It doesn’t matter as long as you only feed 5v from one vesc to the receiver. If you try to feed 5v from both Vesc, it will damage them.

This rule was the same when we where using dual car esc’s

I was just thinking, one VESC was running hybrid and the other was sensorless (couldn’t get the other to spin properly while in hybrid) could that have messed it up too? The master was the hybrid.

One was sensored and the other was not sensored? I dont know, maybe someone else can answer that.

Correct. 10 characters.

I would think that it is not possible to run like that with Canbus. Just dont know if it would blow the drv