Slick Revolution Kickstarter (two days left)

I know we generally shy away from discussing pre-builds but I’ve met Robert from Slick Revolution a few times now and him and his team are pretty stand up guys, zero affiliation but I thought I’d put this up as it’s about to end.

I owned a board from them for a short while and it developed a fault, he was so hot on the customer service side it was super refreshing.

Aside from the kickstarter they have some great parts we can use in a pinch:

Bearing wheel pulleys for £15 Low profile 15t steel motor pulleys for £13 This flexible low cell enclosure for £29 And perhaps in the future this nice little controller with telemetry for £59 Obed backpacks (Always selling out)

I just want to see small companies like this succeed, especially in Europe.


Parts might be an option but the boards another boosted clone with high kv low battery and low gearing. Range is optimistic at best. I certainly wouldn’t get that range. Nice looking product though and its always nice to have a uk board do well but here? Anyway they have their funding so all good. Just want to see some proper pre-builts released with some serious research done on forums such as these. The DIY community is putting out factory finished products that make these things look like toys. We need a decent platform that uses what we use and performs as such then and until then nothing has changed. Bloody Canada can do it then why can’t europe?

FYI have a look at Talon sei on you tube getting involved in the miami esk8 crew group ride. Opened that mans eyes.

I get what you’re saying here but consider that these guys need a solid working platform that’s tried and tested to retail. They also need access widely available inexpensive parts because their price point is half most production boards.

These aren’t cutting edge speed demons but they fit into their own market segment. I’m tainted though, as mentioned before, because I just like them. Nice guys, reasonable prices, excellent customer service. Not for me personally but worth getting the name out I think.

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True that. I feel the same way about the emerging zill board over here. Guys such a nice fella you just want them to succeed. They will fill a niche if they keep the price point realistic and its nice to have a eu option thats not the usual re branded chinese shit.
What i want is a good option that would be for us. Something we can have in our quiver for the days when our masterpieces let us down.

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What is the thickness x length x width of the flex enclosure? What is the width of each segment? Thanks for the links!

You’d need to ask them