Slicks neat trick...what?!...a speed / odometer! :D VIDEO

salutations riders

i am a true DIYer - so in the true DIY spirit i came up with a way to answer esk8ers age old question since the big bang of esk8ing place epic echo and mysterious music here

…this is how you use a bike speedometer/odometer with you esk8.

mounting the sensor on the truck was easy. mounting the magnet on the wheel took a little work 20180827_070624

this is a cheap odometer i got for my bike that i never used. found it lying around in a drawer and i thought “yep, this will work” . it was obvious whats gonna happen next right?

the old cheapo bike speedometer. works with wires. i mounted the odometer clip under my deck because…well…aesthetics. 20180827_070717

Im gonna see how this works. ill eventually upgrade to a wireless odometer to put in my pocket so i dont have wires to think about.

this model reads : speed, average speed, distance per session and overall distance. thats all i need for now.

i’m thinking that a wireless odometer could be mounted on the remote.


Call me stupid, but i dont get one thing. I had a cheap speedo for a bike once, but it never had the option to put in the diameter of the wheel, so how can it tell an exact speed or distance? In my view- it cant, since…you know… math and stuff. Same goes for your gizmo. Do you program the diameter of your wheels in it?

Yes…this☝️. It would need to be programable otherwise you would get false readings

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that would be the first speedometer I’ve seen you COULDN’T set the diameter. Even cheap ones have that setting - just need to read the manual. You obviously need to be able calibrate it to your wheel.

@slick congrats - something new and I like the idea :+1:

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This was way back 10+ years ago :smiley: the crappy chinese thing didnt even come with a manual. I think it was just a prop instead of a real tool

Yes! :smiley:

this speedometer enables me to set the diameter of my wheels. you need to take the diameter of your wheels and multiply by 3.1416 (pi).

in my case 83mm x 3.1416 = 260.75 so set the diameter to 260. (should or should i set it to 261? hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

I just tried it out and found out that my odometer vibrated off the mount at higher speeds. goota look out for that…but it works!

wireless odometers are probably the better option since you dont have to worry about a mount for the odometer itself. just put it in your pocket (heads up - make sure the transmission distance is enough to guarantee good a connection)

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A gps bike computer would work best.

Umm the diameter of the wheel is 83mm, the circumference is 361ish

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circumference = 3.1416(pi) x daiameter. I checked again…unless I am missing something this should be correct. anyone care to check?

@Jedi This is why I don´t want to depend on GPS readings anymore: The accuracy is kind ok OK but it still depends on too many factors. Even a solar storm can throw off my measurements - screw that. I´m doing it old school with simple hardware. It´s cheap and reliable imho.

I´m mainly interested in how much km I can ride with my chain (04B) before i need to replace it. I think an odometer with no GPS will give me more reliable results than one with. Also got tired with messing around with phone apps to track and document my rides. this is just plain simple. put your board down and go. my total distance will get documented as soon as the sensor detects the magnet. perfect!.if I need a more sophisticated speedometer/odometer then I´m sure there are some out there with more whistles…I´ll stick to this one for now.


Yes that is correct, but won’t the odometer take diameter not circumference?

depends on your model i suppose. my manual says to calculate it as described above. it may differ from model to model.

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UPDATE: i used a rubber band to prevent the odometer from vibrating off the clip/mount. works like a charm.

short clip of the working odometer. this must be the most boring video ever :rofl:

Cool idea, This could be one of those ASMR videos… so soothing… :smirk: