Slide on Battery Enclosure?

I’m going to custom make the enclosure so i will be able to add what i need to it (car clips if needed or bolt screw or other slide mechanism maybe a hinge and lock)

I may have something figured out. Ill add two neat hinges to the back,d.ZGg&psig=AFQjCNFiBpHNEaSsG91pdQrzUyHkju-KiQ&ust=1471465542155634

And a few metal car clips on the front to keep it clipped in and secure.

Anyone feel like this may not work or has issues? would the vibration cause it to open? car clips are pretty secure

What would you call that style of mounting? Like the little keyhole shaped things? I’m trying to make my own enclosure, and want to use this, but can’t figure out what it’s called.

Wow, alot of commute. This is why i am building myself a longbkard. I live in nyc and ride my bicycle 5-6 days a week to and from work. I do 10 miles avery time i ride. Bicycle is fun to ride but i just want another fun way to ride. And longboard is much faster. And you dont get tired. What setup do you use,Especially battery? What kind of wheels do yoy use and how long they last? And do you use belt of chain? Thaks in advance

  • my allrounder is a single motor belt driven 10S4P vanguard flex 2 with 90mm abec 75A flywheels

  • my favourite is a single motor belt driven 10S3P DIY bamboo deck with 80mm kegels/90mm stickies (sufficient battery for 20km commute, very light board, best ride)

  • finally my fresh power setup is a dual motor direct drive 10S4P pneumatic wheel trampa

ive yet to replace urethane wheels from wear, they just last forever if you dont slide! even heavy carving does not really seem to affect the wheels!

Great setup, mate. I am building 8s3p batterg. Hopefully it will lust 10-15 miles on one charge. I mean, i am preatty sure it will. I have thise orange kegel wheels (not sure is i spelled it right). And i will have dual motor. My motors from alien power systems. Thanks for the info