Slimming diyeboards 10s5p pack? Is it possible?

Hi guys,

I want to upgrade my current LiPos to diyeboards 10s5p ( But as you can see in the photos its 52mm thick. is there a way to slim this down? has anyone done this before?


There’s a way but it would require rewiring or re spot welding the joints.

I want to buy this to avoid spot welding :joy: do you know if anyone has tried this?

I’m sure many ppl have but again you need to re spot weld in ur config.

Thats unfortunate. It’ll be grand thanks for the help

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No problem!

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U could probably ask @barajabali, @scepterr, or @longhairedboy to redo it for u if u don’t want to

I live in Ireland, postage would be insane!

Oh ur right. U could start a thread to see if anyone is in Ireland who would do it for u

Ah thats an idea, I’ll probably wait to I actually get it :joy:

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10s5p with 360wh that’s sad i would not waste my money on that pack. My 10s4p has 432wh and my 12s4p has 532wh both have less cells than a 10s5p

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Be aware that this pack has a max amp discharge rating of 50a. Not sure if upgrade is the right term for replacing your lipos in this case.

My LiPo are fairly bad, I would like something better but prices just skyrocket

I bought the 10S5P diy-eboard battery as a noob purchase. Recently it got water damaged and I took it appart. The Nickel strips are rusting, so they are of quite bad quality. The cells are LG MF1 which are low on amps and capacity. This battery is not worth it. @darkkevind is located in the UK, he can build you a quality pack, i think asking him is worth a try.

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If you ask that but only give those informations, I think you must keep reading the forum or just read a lot more to understand what you’re talking about/asking for.

Can you tell us What lipos ur using?

I’m aware of the cells in the pack and their amps output. The reason why i want to buy this is because its very cheap.

2x 6s 5200mah 10c Multistar in parallel

I did message him but prices are a little to expensive for me

I mean this pack… Not a good Upgrade if you can’t handle the sag you get already.

@moon found good sells on sale. So maybe look into the buy cells DIY pack. Or buy sells ask someone to put it together.

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