Slow top speed on new board build

Hello! this is my first board build and first post. I’ve been researching for months and finally finished my board today. After my test ride I cant get above 12 -13 MPH. I think i should be getting at least 20 -25 MPH. Maybe some of you have ideas about my slow speed? When i go full throttle it hits around 12 MPH and i can hear the motor cut out. Maybe the ESC is limiting my speed?

Here is my set up:

  • Riviera longboard deck
  • MBOARDS extended trucks
  • Kegel Orangatang 80mm wheels
  • MBOARDS dual motor ESC for 10s battery
  • Battery 10s3p LI ion
  • Dual Flipsky 6354 190KV 2450W motors
  • DIYE Motor mounts
  • Boardnamics wheel pulley and belts.15 t motor pully / 36 wheel pulley
  • My bearings are good. I weigh 177lbs


That esc is no bueno for those motors.

Can you please elaborate? The MBoards specs say its compatible.

Hmm. Lots of things are compatible, whether or not you get full potential is another thing… Do you have any Smaller motors to test with?

No these are the only ones I have. What is is specifically about this ESC? Is it limiting my power?

Yes just pulling a lot of amps from something that can’t send it. . .

it says recommended is 6355 , im using 6354 so that’s not over the recommendation. SO what would be a good ESC for my setup do you think??

Anything that is vesc tool compatible. Focbox, unity, stormcore, flipsky, I’d stay away from flipsky but if you are on a tight budget they are good.

Did you build your own battery?

Ok thanks for the info.

No problem. Is your battery charged? Other than that well done on the build, looks good and straight.

Its was around 60% when I tested it. I guess i seen a lot of people with the same ESC and motors and don’t have the same speed issues. Im about 750 bucks into this thing and i really don’t want to keep dumping money, Oh well.

Charge it up. I feel your pain. Wait until your like 10 boards deep and no remotes! Haha it’ll get better hombre.

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Update-Apparently Mboards ESC come In some kind of beginner mode so that was a main reason why I couldn’t get over 13 miles an hour. I turn that mode off and got the full power mode. I got up to Just shy of 20 today so a bit better. With my gearing and wheels and battery esk8 calculator says I should be getting around 22 so I’m pretty close


What did you do to get out of that mode? Elaborate for the next person that has this issue. And I’m pissed I didn’t know that was a thing :rofl:

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Well this was for the ESC / Remote I got from MBoards. Might work with other types.

On the remote I push the power button and it cycles through the 4 red lights (battery lights) it looks like each light is an increment of 5 MPH.