Slowing down the speed when in low battery state

Can i slow down the speed of the motor(gradually decrease the speed) when the battery is about to die rather than an abrupt stop?

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I think that you should be able to do it, changing the values of battery cuttoff start to a little higher… To be confirmed.

I confirm.

Venom: Did you mean that you have tested changing the battery cutoff value and that has helped reduce the speed gradually when the battery is about to die?

Yes, depending on which software you are using to program your esc, there will be a setting labeled battery cutoff start (or something very similar)

Disregard these values as they make no sense for battery packs we would use.

Cutoff start is where it starts slowing your board down like an eco mode

Cutoff end is to save your battery from over discharging. This value will stop your board from accelerating when below the set level.

Understood. Thanks a lot for the info!

@Venom121212: I tried those settings on the VESC app, and it seems to be that after the cutoff start voltage, the speed/rpm goes down but it is bumpy/not very smooth and after the cutoff end voltage the motor struggles a lot to run but it stays at 0RPM for a couple of seconds and later it hits 8k RPM (for a second) and reduces speed to around 6k and back to 0… repeat.

Is this what is expected?