Small 12cell charge only BMS?

Hi, I am after a small 12cell charge only BMS max measurements are 50x140mm and not thicker than a 20700b cell. Having a hard time to find any myself but maybe someone here got a tip? :slight_smile:

Did u look on li-tech ?

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i’ve got some of these on hand now if you need one, $30 shipped within US.

put these modules in 3 batteries now, all working nicely. balancing current is a bit lower but does the job.

kind of lost faith with bestech (litech) after last batch of D140 bms were nearly all bad.

Damn :frowning:. My bestech D606 have been great on both of their batteries. I also have the one your showing there, still haven’t gotten around to using it

Tiny BMS or Neptune 15, both are top quality but very expensive.

I’m running the Neptune 15 in my build.


Tiby BMS and Neptune are both to big :confused: I was looking at this but really unclear if its what I need as the charge voltage/current isent filled in :confused:

i was having problems with the D140, yours may be fine. i was ordering the modified ones with discharge deleted.


no balancing function.

i have two of em right now, no use for it at all.


Hey man ’ I need one.

ahh shit that was what I was afraid of :confused:

soo any more tips on a bms that no more than 50mm wide? :slight_smile:

not really, there’s a bunch of small bms avaialble on amazon and ebay, don’t have much experience.

except this one, don’t get this one, had to return it

how do u determine they were bad out of curiosity… installed 2 recently seem to be working fine. were they just DOA or??

one was self-discharging cell closest to pack+.

other one wasn’t going into balancing despite cells being well within voltage variance.

measured resistance on bleed resistors and one was shorted, another had different impedance.

again, could be the batch i got, but between bad batch and shit customer service, looking elsewhere.