Small amount of smoke coming out of vesc

I have flipsky vesc 4.12 wired on a 44.4v system but every time I turn it on it gives off a small amount of white smoke and then stops. How does this happen? The esc still works and motor still has full power.


video. make a youtube video.

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I was recording a video but then it died. Guess I have to buy another one rip my bank account, any recommendations?

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Makerx or Stormcore. Stormcore is a bit expensive though.

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Could you see where the smoke came from ? I know the drv chip is most of the time a weak point of the 4.12 hardware. I don’t go any further than 10s on the 4.12 hardware.

Seemed like it was coming from the capacitors but it was hard to tell, now when I switch it on nothing happens so whatever it was died and does not produce smoke anymore. I was gonna get a makerx to replace it but they say no returns so idk what I’m gonna get

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Yeah, that no return thing is annoying. I have a makerx retro and a dv6 and haven’t had issues with them. You can try the xeneth (or however it’s called). Best of luck though. They’re usually sold out.

I have a focbox unity I can sell you brand new. Bought it from M boards and never used it.

I have a single motor setup can I still use that and just not use the second motor? Also I assume your in the NYC area because of your name. I am as well so if you are here then it should be pretty easy to ship or meet.

Yeah it will work but I’m not sure of a fair price to give you seeing how there is so many options on the market.

Hey bud did u sell the unity

Yeah I still have it

There the pack I built for u for the trampa wand Instead I’d take the unity I’m I desperate need of esc.