Small Charge 10s BMS

Bestech HCX-D124 for li-ion 10S Bestech HCX-D239 for lipo 10S Destech HCX-D127 for li-ion 11S - 13S

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I’m on a similar quest since o discovered the one I bought didn’t balance and my space is really limited

Found this one, unfortunately it doesn’t say the dimensions and the seller don’t answer my messages

Look what I found on AliExpress

Seems like the d124 is the way to go it’s exactly the same size as these eBay bms and it’s made by a reliable brand .

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Yes, We are working with Bestech and Li tech to refine the smaller units we can use for Direct discharge. I also have the D127 for lifepo4 in 10s-12s and we stock them in the USA.

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Yeah its good but only 4a charging current :sob:

Did it say balance cells and overcharge protection, if not it’s not what you need. A lot of these small BMS is for a different use were the steady drain of the cells. Not what we do. Being erratic in the draining of the pack brings the necessity of individual balancing

I wouldn’t want to charge a Li-ion battery pack on a charger over 4a

In the description it says it does and specify the balance current

But I think I will get one from besttech

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they are fine, I haven’t had one yet. Everything I read says they work well. Availability, I really hate ordering stuff from Ali express and Alibaba. I once you do establish contact with the seller it gets better, Its where we found maytech and bestech reps

just out of curiosity what amp charge are you looking for?

6 or 7a , most cells can do 1c charge.

Yes, they can. It does cause the cells themselves to heat up during charging. I would recommend 4a max on the Samsung 30q. the size of the cell (small) can degrade faster with more heat and stress. The 21700 Samsung 50E is a cell I would recommend a higher charge amp because it can take it. larger capacity, less charging = longer life

um im taking about charging a 10s4p or 10s3p pack which has the capacity to take in 9a atleast for the 10s3p pack

I’m not debating what the cells can take. It’s just my experience that packs charged at half the recommended or rated charging amps makes for a healthier pack when charging, less balancing. We all want to charge our boards in 10 minutes, one day soon I think it will be so. It also less chance of failure during charging. Some people still leave packs plugged in overnight and for days at a time. Safety

true im inpatient, what i was basically saying is that cells wont blow up its just their life may be cut in half

Yes, In this case size does matter, You can drop 10A on the 21700 cells with no life loss

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Also, I may be able to have that changed because we are going to start offering packs built with the 21700 cells. I will find out tonight.

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What changed?

charging amps, they didn’t offer a 12s D127 until we asked them to, they only had it in 10s. the D124 is what it is because of its size. I will ask tonight when I speak with the rep, It doesn’t indicate as (adjustable) on the site but that doesn’t mean much.