Smaller width wheel cores

So I either I’m not wording it right or its not being talked about. But here goes…

I’ve been reading and seeing instances where people are having to flip wheel nuts and run 1 speed ring. Dont get me wrong, it works. But being someone that had a pusher that a nut came off of at about 20mph unexpectedly, this bothers me. Now I know their are other options to buy that have this issue solved. But my question is… And if this is already in progress I’m sorry.

With all the companies that are on this forum, why are wheel cores not being made just a little bit smaller in width to allow the room for speed ring and properly installed nut?

Again sorry if this a thing already.

Mista J

It’s not the wheel core width that’s too wide — it’s the axle length that’s too short sometimes. Wheel cores all being a standard width helps a lot

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I understand the core width is pretty standard across the street wheel set up. I’m more getting at, look at all the mounts we have available. Some are nice pieces but then you have something like Hobby King’s mount. Its nice but it has its flaws. One being that the shaft hole is too small and compresses the clip in between the two. Which the community has already solved. Great for a budget build though.

Now think about wheels. I love my calibers and would love to use them but that whole flipping the nut sketches me out. Now in my case, I can have my hangers milled by a friend so I have solved it for myself. Everyone else may not have that option though. I was just thinking why hasn’t a clone been made that would work with the 180s to get the nut flipped back at least for safety concerns. Speed ring would be a plus but I wouldn’t want to mill so much to cause failure in the axle or hanger.

I think just like most other components, you have to pick ones that will work for your needs and not just exepct any unpowered skate hangers to work with pulleys and motor mounts. The TB218 hangers and the 3DServisas hangers and the Evolve hangers and the new Caliber2 hangers are excellent examples

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I understand that too. But what about the people that still love their 180s? Its almost like the 180s are becoming obsolete for builds. And I get why. Wider is always better, among other things.

And I think I’m just too high for this shit lol. While I feel I have a decent point, I do realize that getting it milled buy a member on here shipped, would probably still be cheaper than buying a new wheel set from most places.

I guess my next question is… Are the 180s becoming obsolete or are they a standard for low budget builds? Like I said I can get mine milled so I’m not worried lol.

I think for mono drives there’s still a place for 180’s. I’m a big fan myself. I appreciate the tighter turning radius.

Mechanically, the hanger length should not affect the turning radius


I use these. The tread is kind of self locking, it has some friction when being threaded the fritst 2/3 times. BUT with red Loctite on a alcohol cleaned axle.

I also had one wheel spin off once before :confused: Suuper scary

And those are the exact ones I had when I had my spin off. Yeah definitely scary shit.

I wouldn’t use those without cotter pins

Cotter pins? Edit: googled it. If you have space for cotter pins you can use a self locking nut …

They seem to hold pretty well till now.

You were not using loctite, right?

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Kind of before loctite’s time lol. This was years ago growing up.

Really? Interesting. Well now I’m wondering why slalom setups use such short axle trucks?

Shorter width = more grip

Also easier to pump

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The hanger length could also affect how far you can lean before wheelbite, which could indirectly affect minimum turn radius. But the hanger length itself will not mechanically affect minimum turn radius

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Ahhhhhh. That makes sense. Thanks fellas.

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Not really…

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