Smallest motor that packs a punch

looks badass MoeBro :dark_sunglasses:

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and what esc did you pair with it and whats the breaking feel like, choppy, loss of traction when breaking hard?

Toro 200a beast. Braking is decent, it’s front drive. Don’t notice tortional twist with the 3-link on accel, decel. Toe side turns on hard accel does get wheel spin. Drawbacks of a single.


Haha thats a nice one:) does it make a lot of noise (the small gears i mean)

Whoops. Two Alien motors 6355’s, two VESCs connector by canbus, 97mm wheels with 15/38 gearing. This is my second build with the same components, but this one isn’t able to tackle the hills the first one used to. That first one is outa commission so I can’t compare. Could it be the VESC settings? I changed the bullet connectors from 5.5 to 3.0. Can’t be that right? RC is the same. Batteries are the same Samsung 18650. Belt tension isn’t too tight. I’m still 160lbs. What in the world is causing the board to stall halfway up the hill now when I used to go the full distance? Thanks for any insights you may have, Frank.

I have a single 6355 170kv motor with 12s2p pack that gives me 8-10 mile range and pushes my 210lbs up hills without difficulties. 15mm belt is critical for our weight on a single. The entire board with free board bindings weighs in at 14lbs. Without the bindings it’s probably about 11lbs. Great for cruising to a bar or restaurant and stuffing the board under a table then riding back home.imageimage


You have to check the temperature of the motor and VESC. Mobile VESC-Tool with BLE dongle helps to read the temp values while you ride.

3.0mm bullets are to small. 4.0mm is what you want.

Gears are mod.8 (32p). They make less noise than mod 1.5 steel on steel.

3.0mm bullets are tiny :frowning: good for maybe 20a cont? but like frank said, check what is getting hot

Frank, Cobber, thanks and you’re right. I poked a bunch a holes in the enclosure and the hill climb is already better. Today is also Cooke (65F). I misstated the bullets. I have 4.0’s not 3.0’s so I should be ok there. Now water and dust concerns. Haha.

my 10s5p single rear drive 6374 takes me up a 30%-35% incline doing roughly 5mph the speed stays constant through the climb my gearing is 15/32 w/ 100mm all terrain mbs wheels.

as a final note, the board can probaby go faster up the hill IF i didnt have to ride a little over 10 miles to get there lol

Swapping to 36t wheel pulley would get you up faster…at the cost of some top end speed.

I don’t go up it often anymore it’s literally the steepest and probably the only large incline like tht around here, minus the parking garages and what have you