Smart BMS with xiaoxiang app not charging

Hello guys, Due to a video on youtube i got my hands on an 10S 60A Li ion Smart BMS from Here is the link . In the beginning everthing seemed so work great. I connected the wires as shown in the diagram on the website und pluged in a 600W CC CV Buck converter with the voltage set to 42 V. The charging began and no problems occured only when i set the current to 2,3 amps the converter startet to smoke a tiny bit. After the charging was done i made a little tour with my board and after that i tried to charge the board again but with no success. I honestly have no idea what could be the problem. Has someone an idea ? :frowning: I am afraid the bms is broken but it still balance discharges and shows no error in the bluetooth app
Greets Flo

i would have a look on the component which started to smoke.

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I’ll post some pics

20190801_171609 20190801_171641 The Capacitor i think smoked a bit but the Voltage output is correct.

Screenshot_20190801-171657_xiaoxiang This is a screenshot from the app. So i think it cant be the wireing because every cell is detected.

The cap smoked? Weird stuff

Are you sure the charger plug which goes to the bms is okey? I should measure the charge port of the bms if the voltage is correct (around 38V).

If that’s the case I don’t think your bms is broke but I guess your charger has failed.


Thx for the reply :slight_smile: the BMS shows 38V on the output. Maybe it’s really the charger. I’ll order a new one and post results.

A couple builds back I had the same issue with a power supply and a step u converter which didn’t work, no idea why but the problem was also the charger.

I got my 42V 4A charger from alliexpress (25€) and it works good for me.

nice a new charger is on the way :slight_smile:

So everything works fine now :slight_smile: it was indeed the faulty charger :frowning: thx all

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