Smart Charger Comparison

I’m going to be using a top mounted battery (12s8p) without a BMS on my next build for easy swapping between a couple different boards.

I’m curious to hear if anyone has experience with either of these smart chargers, or anything similar.

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I’ve been thinking about the cycle satiator for 5p, but 8p is gonna need lots of amps.

that second one looks pretty good.

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To use a dual, usually you have to break the serial connection in your pack, as the grounds tend to be shared between the 2 sides.

For a huge pack, maybe something serious like this?

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Yeah, it’s really going to be 2 6S packs connected in series. Though, I may borrow some elements of @michaelcpg’s pack design.

Yeah it’s pretty nice. Though it seems that you need to use DC to charge at high current on both channels at the same time.

I was using similar setup. For DC power supply grab some 24V or 48V ~1-2kW Server Power supplies for extra cheap on ebay europe has

But in the end I just grabbed simple 12S 8A charger and just bulk charging I got tired of disconnecting 12s to 6SP and other stories :slight_smile:

I’ll probably wind up doing that most of the time. I’ll have a battery monitor to make sure they don’t drift too far apart. Good idea on the server power supply. I’ll see what I can find in the states.

This charger will charge up to 12s and up to 25a It does require an external DC power supply though.


:+1: for the server power supply

wow never seen that before. and it has a balance plug inlet for a 12s? it looks like it. very nice.

I use two server power supplies. I followed the guide someone put up on an RC forum. Use them with isdt sc-620. Personally I balance each pack first then parallel together stopping at 4.15v just in case one cell is out of balance. Gonna get another sc620 to speed things up. I use my packs in a variety of projects too.15363884610932093052845

I have one. It comes with a breakout board for 12s. I tried to buy a 10s breakout board but they stopped responding. Will have to try making it myself if I want it badly enough.

It can do bulk charge (without balancing) at 12s, which is nice.

It needs a power supply too?

Yes. I think its usually separate on high power chargers for heat.