Smart Reverse on the FOCBOX Unity (And other VESC-based controllers) - Seeking Input on desired Behaviour -

Hey guys, started to implement a smart reverse feature in the ppm app the other day and ran into some questions on what is the most intuitive way it should behave. For the uninitiated the short and simple of smart reverse is:

-When riding your board normally, the reverse throttle acts as a brake (as in current no rev w brake mode) -If you hold the brake until you come to a complete stop then center back to 0 throttle and pull the brake a second time in it enters a “reverse mode”

Is this something if done correctly that people are generally interested in (also has it been done before by someone else?) or does everyone just want their board to go one way. I could imagine a few cases in which I might like to pop my board in reverse due to laziness.

If the answer to that is yes (as an optional setting) then there is a few more targeted questions regarding behavior of the mode in special cases. I just responded to someones post that got me thinking on this a bit ago:

Then realized it would be good to seek some outside input from you all :smile:


Hi, yes I would like that. Many times atleast in the beginning when I got my raptor 2 I wish I did have that function. I tried current reverse but didn’t like it. This would be great if you could implement it. I think it have actually been done:

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I would also love to have that feature :smile:

Thanks for the link, I thought I had seen this somewhere before :smile:

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He has his FW uploaded to GitHub somewhere if it’s not linked in that thread.

I like how his reverse (is it just standard current w/ reverse or something special?) works. Brake until a certain erpm, then 0 throttle, then pull back to reverse. I use this all the time, mostly at stoplights and cross walks to change direction. Accelerating after reverse doesn’t brake the reverse, it just accelerates forward from there and I find that works great for me to get going forward again without worry.

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Hello i think you need put this function I like this idea Sorry for my English

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It doesnt hurt to have this feature. Maybe make it optional in the app with the unity

For me, no thanks. I want brake to be brake, and nothing else


Yes, I would never make it compulsory or even default I think. The behavior just seems like it might feel unpredictable when you first start using it and that will probably turn a lot of people off of it.

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Yes I like reverse in ackmaniac firmware. Double tap to go reverse.

I would like the option of also having brakes when going in reverse or having a long delay or a way slower acceleration than normal if I accidentally pull full throttle forward. It’s a accident waiting to happen if you let someone borrow your board otherwise like has happened to a friend that ate it while switching from reverse to forward.

Also max reverse speed is a good option. I use erpm limit to about 10mph.



Remember the “complete stop” part here needs to be configurable. Sometimes on a steep hill, you want to engage reverse before coming to a complete stop – because it’s a hill going down and you don’t want to roll forward and can’t completely stop without using a foot.

Double-triple-super bonus points awarded for making a second PPM channel control a “brake and hold” feature where, for example, turning the wheel on the mini remote stops you completely – using power if needed – but you stay at a dead stop, even on a hill

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Of course he does, it’s the law :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

This is copylefted software.

Any way to update this feature on the Mac application? I tried using the windows one with a virtual machine but it never defects that it’s plugged in via USB. I had it as forward/reverse but when I would shift the throttle too fast from either direction the motors jolt and it makes a loud clunk which can’t be good right? I also would love traction control on the Mac app.