Smart turn on is a must have on Electric Skateboard

Everytime you go out, You just put your board on the ground, it should turn on AUTOMATICLY, then you just turn on your remote and GO GO GO.

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We Get It, you made an e-sk8 and now your selling it. It has amazing features, and we should all run out and buy it.

But seriously, (mods please correct me if I’m in the wrong by saying this), but this is a builders forum, to discuss boards and talk about building them. Please don’t use it as your personal space to run an ad campaign for your board. Pretty much any builder here could make a board that’ll run circles around the one you sell, and I for one do not appreciate a post dedicated simply to advertising that you’ve already talked about before on here.


I don’t see anything wrong with this post. Sure its kind of stupid, but for gods sake if they guy with the beer can motor mounts (@skateboardstabilizer) can post, why not this guy? I think maybe folks are getting a little too trigger happy about flagging stuff that they don’t like, and not thinking about if there might be a kernel of decent info in there…


Well i think main point was to make posts / topics more “forum” friendly… but yeh otherwise.i.agree that there something new to check out but i personally think it should.raise a.discussion or.something in the community…

If it is just = hey look what i have, please come and buy my product, then yeh i can get a bit annoying (sorry for not watching all vid but i just figured i would share my opinion also here based on what i see and the vibe i feel in this general situation :wink:

I dig it, I just feel like even if something sucks its better to KNOW that it sucks then to ban a bunch of posts because the product sucks.SPAM is one thing, but this was just a single post…