Smartbms 10s 60A | searched 👈

Hello Eboarder! I’m searching for a Smartbms. I know I also could buy them from china, but I live in Europe and I don’t wanna pay those much costum duties. It should be able to handle 60A because I’m building a 10s3p battery. So if there is anyone who wants to sell me one, pleas let me know :wink::point_down:

A bms like that one

As they all made in China anyway…and shipping is free… your arguments doesn’t count. Just get this and good


Hmmm, I meant the costum duties :sweat_smile:

Always depends what value the Chinese company declares. :tipping_hand_man: 20% Import fee would be 8€. As shipping is free it’s probably still cheaper than source it somewhere else. I guess. Do not have big experience with Import stuff.

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It’s German. It means the shipping costs are 31$

Idk where you looking, but I don’t see any shipping here…

Than just order it from my link :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I’ll try it again. Because last weeg i tried to order it there and sometimes didn’t work.