Snowboard (for E-skate reasons) WANTED

I have a sudden need for a cheap used snowboard. I have never snow boarded before as i live in the 2nd flattest city in our great country.

I assure you it will be put to good use.

shoe size is 11 (not sure if that matters)

Hahahah … Craigslist gotta have something near you

And get a shorter board like 150 155 it will be easier for you to maneuver

I figured i’d ask here before hand hahah

I have one but is for a kid…

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Wont cut it but i thank you sir

Are you gonna do some towing??

If so VIDEO !!!


:wink: damn thats why we’re friends.


Oh I see some epic videos coming!!

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You know it! me and @guyguy

But first, cheap snowboard… CL here i come

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Omg have fun lol should be a riot

I hope so! Sometimes ideas just come to me.

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Lol u gonna bust yo ass lol

Im the one towing :slight_smile:

I’ll still prob bust my ass though.

Hahaha yeah probably hahah