So confused - focbox warranty

Hi. I hardly understand how does Focbox warranty work. I found only one online shop that describes how it works but I would love to buy a focbox from a supplier that offers some addittional warranty. Some online shops offer “platinum warranty - covers any faults, user errors etc.”. How does it work for real? How long does it last (I mean it covers 1 or more faulty focboxes?)
Thanks for answers! :slight_smile:

Since FOCBOX are nearly impossible to actually get, it’s hard to imagine how a warranty replacement would work.

Oh… Do sb know if they will be avaible in like 3 months?

In 3 months, everything may be different. Hard to say. FOCBOX may not even be the thing you want anymore if something better is around. Like B-box or ESCape, for example. Neither one is in-stock and shipping … today …


Enertion says the Focbox is now in stock according to their website. I asked them via their chat earlier when my order from January will ship, they said by the end of the month. So yea…

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They can say that, but the facts on the ground are that they said the same thing in November and folks who ordered them in November still haven’t have their order shipped. Just saying


Wouldn’t be surprised if they’re breaking Australian consumer law by stating that sort of thing if that’s the case

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Okay. So what is about warranty? :slight_smile: Do sb know it? :wink:

I ordered on Cyber Monday too and I got my focbox and Nano-X last week. But I am curious about the warranty too, especially because of the 3.5mm bullet connectors…

Yea I’m not 100% sure tbh. There doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of information about it on their website obviously.

My understanding from the experience that my mate had with a VESC he bought with their extended warranty is that if you have any issues with the VESC and they can confirm the issue via their support network, they’ll send you a replacement.


Just get one from @bimmer or @stewii

At least you are getting a product hassle free