So guess what, my finger exploded

So I was replacing the connectors in peace than a mosquito came and as i was going to slam him with my hand somehow magically i pulled the positive terminal that’s 50cm long from the other side of the table to a super short 5cm negative and wooosh connectors vaporized and my skin with them… basically all the black skin is detached damn it hurts like a mf



woah thats insane. have you done first aid and have it checked? those mosquitos must dislike boards but seriously have it looked at

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its just the first layer of skin, i washed it and put a creme for burns on hopefully the musquito vaporized also


get to the doctor or urgent care asap.

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Eh you got 9 more. I don’t see a problem lol.

Seriously though, be careful bruv. Glad youre ok. Gloves?


will do tomorrow morning


i think that only the fireproof ones would save me :smiley:

I almost thought I’d see a bloody mess of a finger cause I read exploded. thankful and glad that wasn’t the case. was the pack intact or did that do a number to it?

Anything would have been better than nothing. I usually have exam gloves just for that purpose. Granted they won’t stop a charge. But they will stop direct contact for the most part lol. Yes I’ve burnt a few times with them on so I know lol.

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no bms was connected, only the bullets got damaged pack still good, it was a super short contact

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But did you get the mosquito? :boom:


that would probably be difficult to tell if it got vaporized during the short :laughing:


I usually try to have 2 disconnect points on all my boards. I have both the anti-spark circuit and I have a hard loop key, which is at the other end of the battery pack, for just this reason.

First thing I do when I start working on the board is disconnect both.

Actually these days (after that story from one person here who says his parent’s won’t let him have his board in the house after he started a fire) I keep the loop key out for storage too.

Also, that sucks, I’m sorry.


i was working on main battery terminals so not possible

Next time use old fashion technology to get rid of the mosquito…


You’ll be safer.



What the f that’s like 2-3 layers of skin burned off :scream:

12s4p 30q im kinda immobilized now and its super boring

I dont have any bricks in my workshop but i have a few 40kg cement bags on hand

I will use them next time, thanks for the advice

Next time, try to use one of these instead :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: s-l300 Have a speedy recovery there mate!