So guess what, my finger exploded

where to buy this the flash branded tennis racket? How does it do on serves. :joy:


i thing is better you talk some one expert, or go to pharmacy (is free to ask) and see, if you need to go to hospital

Its an electric fly swatter. In US its “as seen on tv” and can be found a most superstores. Check Wal-Mart’s website and others.

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i think stryopyro on yt made one with like a million volts or something like that, would kill bugs in radius of 5 meters hahah


will do tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Lol :joy:, that is just ironically funny, electrically charged bug zapper after just burning the shit out of a finger via electricution, trying to swat one by HAND!

Keep it clean (often). Speedy recovery


Just mod the old nentindo powerglove to have a charge lol

a flamethrower is a better soluton

Well fuck! Might as well just ignite the foundation and walk away then lol

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Haha yeah I saw that :smiley: would have had great use from that one this summer

It does amazingly well with fireballs… Badumtss

whoosh~~~~~~ .


Be careful, you may have vaporized the Mosquito’s DNA into your finger DNA and recombined them with the electrical charge into a human-mosquito hybrid! If you start seeing bumps appear at the top of your shoulder blades that look like wings, or feel an urge to start drinking blood, get it checked.


woah, i guess i may be the mosquito man time will tell…