So I bought a TB direct drive and now I have a decision to make

I have some extra parts lying around (FOCBOX Unity, BMS, ABEC11 107s, enclosure) that I haven’t used and I ordered a TB direct drive on Black Friday that should be here within a month. I have kind of changed my mind now since buying the parts and I really don’t need a 3rd build in my apt. So, should I just sell the parts or should I make the build anyway and sell it as a complete? I was thinking ~$1,800-$1,900 for the whole build w/ a 12s4p or 12s5 30Q battery. You can check out the quality of my previous build (The Comet Board) on my website if you want pictures.

why not sell one of the old boards? don’t you wanna try those DDs???

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Just sell the parts, it’s a DIY forum after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Haha yeah but I don’t think I could make em fit the pneumatics I have and I don’t want to give up pneumatic tires.

yeah, unless I see some interest from people in buying it that’s probably what I would do. $1,800 for 12s4p Unity and TB DD is a steal though. Then I’d still get the fun of building it too!

TB is probably coming with a pneumatic kit for their DDs


Dibs on unity and 107s. Haha

I have the drives on order too and really need to get a unity for when they come so can I grab that off you when you’re ready to part with it please? Ready as soon as you are. Well depending on the price too cause I actually have $100 gift card for the enertion website so if you’re close to what I would pay with that I am ready whenever, or if you’re wanting anything on their site and I could work that in wit wha I pay you with that it would be cool. I’ve been trying to find someone selling one though instead of buying it through their site and waiting… Let me know. LOL

I still haven’t made a decision, but I would have to charge what I paid for the Unity which was $250+shipping. I also would need to sell my TB DD when it arrives too and I would like to sell it for what I paid which was $600.

The ABEC11s are slightly used (with absolutely no cracks, chucking or damage. Even the printing on the sides is 100% fresh) so I could sell those for $115+shipping.

I’m down to take those two off of you whenever you’re ready.

Unity Abec 107

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So far I think we’re most likely offering a Pneumatic Setup for the DD also. That’s the plan at least unless the performance is just horrible but I think they’ll do pretty well and we’ve also upgraded the motors too so shouldn’t be a problem.


what’s the eta on that?

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Any shot you still need wheel pulleys with those 107s? My sale post has them all together :innocent::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Sure. When he finally decides to sell them, I’ll hit you up.

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12s5p would sell better I think…