So I cutted the knobs of my MBS wheels in the lathe

For a lathe, probably a scroll chuck gripping your wheel pulley which is already centered on the wheel.

Or maybe a faceplate if you can get the holes to line up right.

You need to read this to understand why? we aren’t crazy guys doing pointless things

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  1. they fit flywheel pullies
  2. cheaper than 97mm flywheels (also wider)
  3. easier to find
  4. black
  5. offset core allows for some more flexibility in setup
  1. They make your board look amazing
  2. Wider contact patch
  3. Concave design
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Interesting. I read up on the cracking truck issue due to vibration. I just thought throw on a 97mm flywheel just be fast and simple.

I wanted to get a set of those MBS ATs for my V3 build on a raptor 1 deck, that’s not going to be an issue right?

Yep, I had edited to include the shape and contact patch as positives.

There’s simply a shortage of quality skate wheel options above 80mm.

i guess if you already have a $70 set of wheels then lathing them down is a better option to getting another $90 in wheels?

I sort of want a lathe so i can do weird things. like this.

I’ve ridden on worn down MBS wheels for a time now… i can see the appeal. They don’t ride like abecs or kegels. They’re pretty distinct.

A quick observation You will need to flip that hanger to avoid scraping it in the ground when using the urethane and also to use the mounts.

Yeah I just realized that when I tried to slide the mounts in, I couldn’t mount them in the correct position.

I’ll switch the hangers tomorrow.

BTW is there an easy way to compress the springs to allow mounting them comfortably without scratching the baseplate?

Just apply pressure with your hands no tools need it.

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