So I decided to make a board with Mboard double kingpin trucks with motor mounts but none of the motor covers fit

I am currently in the final phases of my electric skateboard build and I want to 3D print my motor covers. I found some cool designs like these Evolve skateboard belt cover stand GTX 97mm by mrg999 - Thingiverse, but they do not fit my Mboards motor mounts. They have motor covers on their website but I don’t want to wait for them to ship. (The trucks, battery, and case took like 2 weeks.) So I wanted to see if any redditers knew of 3D printable motor covers(STL) that fit the Mboards motor mounts. (Also, these flipsky motor mounts look about the same as the Mboards Electric Skateboard Motor Mount For DIY Double Kingpin Trucks – FLIPSKY)

Doubt it. :rofl: