So I got 2 fsesc 6.6

I know this isnt normal, which is why I’m posting this. I do t even want to plug this guy in to my battery…

So I bought 2 fsesc and opened them, still factory sealed mind you… 1st thing I always do with Chinese ANYTHING is visually inspect for bad solder joints, cold solder, or something out of the ordinary as I don’t like blowing my self up.

Any who, one of the 2 I got looks BAD


The weird thing tho, no bad smell usually associated with burned electronics…

Side by side of the 2


The other 1 I’m about to wire up and set up, but I just sent Flipsky an email to find out what to do…

@thisguyhere check this out lol

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wth, so you took the heatsink off, and underneath the heat sink pad looks burned?

hm…i wonder if anyone else has this, i haven’t taken the heatsink off mine to check.

possibly they QA them in house and thermal paste they use is garbage and burns?

looks like soot but i don’t see any obvious burned out components…

Oh yea, @thisguyhere the battery issue was the charger… one of the pots inside needed to be adjusted

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Yes, I removed the heatsink and there was that burn mark… on the thermal pad. The other pad is perfectly fine

let’s see what they have to say about it.

we’ll find out tomorrow most likely… it looks like the pads are blown off w/e components those black things are


those are the fets, they’re the components that need to be heatsinked

Yea the pads on the top right 2, look like the pads are gone…

The black shit doesn’t simply wipe off? If not then I wouldn’t power up

it does wipe off but the pads were the fets are supposed to be soldered to are gone, like burnt off… i dont think this unit was ever supposed to leave the factory lol

Yet another victim to Chinese Quality Assurance. Least with flipsky you will get a result with your complaint. Blown fets out of the box. Nice.

Can we get a close up of the FETs of both side by side?

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yea, i mean the 2nd esc seems to work perfectly… I’ve never ran FOC because i was always on 4.12 HW and holy crap is it a noticeable difference in sound and take off… its nice


when i get home from work tomorrow i will take SBS pics again… but its 3am and i have class in the AM followed by work, so ima crash


Of course man no stress

Ignore the screws on the motor can, those are for the enclosure






So I plugged it in (as per their request for wanting the configuration it’s in) It SEEMS to work fine, green light and everything, no fault codes, but when going through the motor setup wizard, it won’t spin the motor for detection or even make it do that God awful sound. It’s been about 36 hrs since their last reply…

Yeah if you blow a fet on a Vesc it will still power on and communicate with your Computer but you won’t be able to spin a motor or do detection it’s def blown.

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never blown a fet before lol… i didnt even want to plug in this ESC so i used an old pack from an Ownboard

Yeah super weird how they let that through that obviously would not pass testing let alone physical inspection. It has to be powerd on to blow like that so it probably blew during the QC testing process and they still passed it…