So I got bored... Overpowered 24" surfskate

Here’s the result:

A 12s, 2.6kw single drive 24" Carver surfskate (yes, with that quick-steering front truck and everything). Oh, did I mention this little cruiser has a 350wh lipo pack? Just needs an enclosure and this thing will be awesome. Did a few test rides. Definitely trickier than on the big deck, but pretty easy to ride once you get used to it. Really just a matter of keeping your weight forward enough to prevent a wheelie.

I love the look of it too with the big wide rear truck, looks almost like a gasser you’d see at the drag strip. Super happy with this build so far.


that’s a cool looking death trap!

haha no, looks cool. be careful!

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I hope you don’t run over a screw. Please get some protection on those lipos, the tiniest puncture or dent can be fatal to them

I like it! I want one…

Don’t worry, I know the dangers of LiPos, been working with them for over a decade. I won’t be riding it properly until I make an enclosure, just doing a few tests for now until I vac-form an enclosure.

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Well don’t tell anyone, but I’m now talking with a local skate shop that carries the carver front trucks, we may end up producing a few of these once I refine the design and layout a bit. My main issue with the board at the moment is carrying it, the thick batteries on the bottom make for an inconvenient package. Thinking about doing a deck with a carry handle in the kicktail…


oh? now you have m attention! also any updates on this?

Got through lifetime testing of multiple prototypes around March when the shop ran into some tough times and dropped the project. I’ve since taken a full-time job at so no time to work on this, but if you’re interested I’d be happy to send you my findings and a few recommendations if you want to build one of these. It was a lot of fun, but I’d recommend going with two smaller (say 1.5kw class) motors (or even hub motors) rather than the ~2.5kw turnigy motors. Running that motor in single-drive was squirrelly on such a short deck, and dual-drive was impractically heavy.

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Man I didn’t even know sometime like where you are working existes. The idea is great and does help people. Congrats!

Skateboards work on the streets and skate parks. Longboards thrive well in downhill skating. Almost anything you want to do with a 4-wheeled board can be accomplished with these two. But did you know there is another board type that helps you feel beach waves on land? It’s a surfskate!

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