So I have abandoned my build about a year ago, would like to finally finish it

So I completely forgot what I did to it and if it even works, last I recall the motor is blown but I was trying to find out why it was blown? Anyone like to refresh my memory? Heres some pictures!

Dude …

You are so close…I can even taste it!

Gonna need to give us more info…

But looks like straight forward build …

You are missing a receiver :slight_smile:

ive got one, GT2B with transmitter aswell heres the issue, esc doesnt wanna turn on, smells shot.

I got two bad FVT esc’s last year. Some of them are just faulty infortunatly… You probably need to get a new one. I dont think that your motor is fried. If you have not even been riding on it, I dont believe that it can be fried. It is probably the ESC.

Other than that your build seems to be very close to be finished. Your motor seems a little bit small but I am sure it will be fine. You just have to give it a little push when you begin to accelerate.

Keep us posted!

Actually turns out my soldering is bad and moving around the wires turns the rig off, guess il resoder some wires