So I’m having a Weird belt tension issue

So one of my TB 6374 motors was having a retainer issues, luckily I had a spare one laying around… so I’m using custom motor plates on evolve trucks (with fixed motor positioning) … prior to the change my belts were evenly aligned at about the same exact tension (not using the idlers). After replacing the motor all of sudden one belt is super tight vs the other one, on the same side (tight) i had to slide that motor pulley further down than the other to be aligned properly … so I’m wondering what could’ve have changed?? I did an even swap of the motors with the same exact size & brand of motor… has any experienced this or have any possible solutions…:confused:wtf… note I adjusted and made sure they are perfectly even still the same…

image image image image

This is always a weird phenomena… I always thought it was due to tolerance inconsistencies with the belts. But at the end of the day, as long as it’s tensiojs correctly, that’s all you need. Who cares if it’s a mm or two off in looks


Yeah man. It happens to the best of us. Maybe not the best picture. But one motor is waaaay higher than the other. As long as the tension is good. Oh well I guess.



so correct me if I’m wrong. the exact same belts and exact same motor type that you had originally and all you did was replace the motor? The new one is 2mm closer or so with the same belt? That is weird af

that is one serious build btw

Yes now one belt is a lot tighter than the other… if it was just a little tighter I would be ok with it…right now I’m the to point to where I’m done with fixed position motor mounts bc I don’t like using idlers… so I’m gonna in stall some Unik mount in a few days so I can have room to play with when comes to belt tension… & thanx :call_me_hand:t5: I have a couple more builds in the works :smiling_imp:

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Really odd… Do you still have the old motor? Maybe check if it reverses if you swap it back in, that’d be interesting to see.

Outside of that, try rotating the way your motor is mounted in each of the 4 positions, so like turn 90 degrees and check again.

My guess is that the motor holes aren’t concentric with the shaft.