So, I shorted a Lipo...for science

I was thinking to myself, hey, what really happens when you short out one of these Lipo batteries? Let’s find out. You know, for science. I know I’m not the first to do this, but I haven’t seen anyone here post pictures of the aftermath. Actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought, and no, it wasn’t on purpose. But it did happen lightning fast when I was plugging in two Zippy Compact 3s 35c 4500mah batteries, and got my wires crossed thinking I was connecting the red wire from one battery to the black wire from the other for a series connection. Wrong. Touched plugs, got a huge spark, and partly melted the connectors where they touched. I immediately checked the battery and got no voltage readings, but when I squeezed the pack at the wire end, it came back to life until I let go. So, I carefully cut open the pack and found the severed connection. It appears that the short blew one of the connecting strips between cells, acting like a fuse, and hopefully saved my pack. I’m not sure if that is supposed to happen, but all the cells appear to be fine and read the same 4.14 volts that they were charged to. If anyone has insight into connector tabs doubling as fuses, I’d be curious to know. So, now I guess I’ll just solder the tab connection back together and keep a close eye on this thing. Just wanted to share in case anyone was interested.


Lol…feel better now?

@Mobutusan thanks for sharing this. This is why I don’t like using bullet connectors with my batteries; I think that I would eventually do the same thing and spark them up! Hopefully the pack is alright, but of course be careful w a shorted lipo :slight_smile:

I’m sure those tabs aren’t designed as fuses but have particular amp rating that they’ll break at.

Lol. You know, I think I do feel a little better. I’m not curious anymore, that’s for sure. Plus, I’ve been reading about @lowguido & @barajabali splitting Lipos to reconfigure cells and wanted to try this, but my packs were almost brand new, and I couldn’t bring myself to cutting them open. Now, I have the perfect excuse! Yay!

@treenutter I kind of feel the same way, especially now. Lol. Might just go all xt60 to protect myself from…myself. the bullets are so easy to connect in series though, if you don’t fuck it up, if course. :grin:

@barajabali I think you’re right, but I’m glad they worked that way. I don’t know the burst rating is for these batteries, but at 35c, that equates to 157.5 Amps continuous, so something had to give. :astonished:

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That’s just the c ratings and they likey put out a lot more energy. For a short time.

I have a dying lipo that I short on purpose to add excitement to my day sometimes. Or scare my lipo-hating friend. As long as it isn’t fully charged unlikely to burn it up

Bullet connections all in series and an xt90s plug to connect to the vesc works great for me

Well here’s my de-charged lipo that I’ll practice on splitting …

This is why i love this forum.

I love the smell of fresh connector slag in the morning. I use bullets exclusively. I LIVE ON THE EDGE.


Yeah, right after, I immediately thought of you and your pro-bullet policy, then silently cursed your name. Lol. I’ve got to pin down my battery situation. I’ve got 3 sets of batteries with 3 different connector types, and it’s getting ridiculous.

its a clear choice. The most dangerous one is the most fun, so decision made. LOL

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And make all your wires red, so they’re even faster, and gamble with your life everytime you plug in.

D.L. (Danger Life), baby!

Advice taken. Lol


well yeah. I already threw away all my black superworm wire. I only use red ones now. I also only use LiPo packs with two positive poles because i can’t stand to be around negativity.


@longhairedboy Alright, that tears it. I’m officially making you my spirit animal. :unicorn:

hahaha, I did it on slow mo: