So I'm a big one! Set up suggestions for the 100kg (220lb) man

So I’m a larger rider, I have started getting the parts together for a long board and my CC is already slightly warm to the touch. The more I read and learn the more I realise how much there is to learn and read …

So I have a long board … a VESC coming … 80mm wheels (for more torque)…

and I’m about to push the button on a massive engine SK3-6374-168kv and 4 large 3s 30c lipos 36/14 gears…

I stop and ask myself if I am going about this wrong? I don’t want to go super fast or very far and the hills round here aren’t huge.

So I thought I’d ask am I doing this wrong? I have searched, learned loads already but are there any builds, threads a plus size boarder should read?

Thanks for reading this far

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I weigh nearly 200lbs but I will weigh probably 210 or so with my backpack and gym bag. My biggest suggestion is dual drive. My board has sk3 6374 192kv motors in dual diagonal and its more than powerful enough to take someone your size around and even up good sized hills. A single motor will just have to much to do. Dual is needed for bigger guys.

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I weigh exactly 220 lbs at the moment. So we should talk… lol

You should really not get lipos. I know theyre cheap and easy to get a hold of but I would recommend Lion, Remember this is a vehicle, not a toy!

I assume you’re running single drive? Where did you get your VESC from?
80 or 83 mm are fine, Get at least a 12mm belt assembly if youre only running single drive

go for a 6374 (anything under 200kv is fine)

Depending on the exact KV you go for in the motors, you can bump to 36:15. or 36:16

Run at least 10s (either lipo or Lion)


Single drive can work if youre willing to sacrifice some acceleration and (major) hill climbing.

It doesnt seem like @Hardwiring really wants to go super fast anyway

Also belts totally work and are awesome, but chain drive is wonderful for immediate torque and you don’t have to worry about breaking belts when braking quickly. I’ll have very few people agreeing with me here but take it for what it’s worth. I agree with barajabali Lion battery pack is the way to go. I got my 10s4p from DIY electric skateboards and it’s a beast with long range. @barajabali can also make you a very high end pack. I agree with him that one motor can totally work with sacrifice. Dual motors can work with no sacrifice though. I’ve ridden my board with single and dual motors and it’s just not the same experience with only one.


Great response thanks

So going Lion seem to be the way forward and reading so far I think I’ll start with single drive with the sk3 as planned. So will start looking for a larger belt drive and motor mount to suit, the only thing is I’m in England, the VESC is coming from m2m @WARMAN he’s this side of the pond too. I was quite interested in but I think I missed the boat


Vesc in the post and on its way to you i look foward to seeing your build. I have a dual 6355 192kv set up on mine mainly because of alot of steep hills in bournemouth and i will be building some for sale with a single 6374 192kv motor. would be interesting if any one has any stats on speed and milage difference using a 10s4p. Also I have 5x drive/pulley kits for big wheels…will be listed soon and motor mounts if needed just message me.

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Im about 210 pounds and a 192kv 6374 works fine for me, but it honestly depends where you ride, here in melbourne when i am the biggest hill i will encounter on a 20km ride is maybe 10% max. if you live in a hilly area dual 6355 is defiantly recommended

I’m almost 200lbs, running a 260kv in 6s and I don’t have any problems. Not very many hills either.

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I’m a big guy at about 265 (6’8"/2m helps), but still a lot to move around on an electric sk8. Lipo or li-ion both work IMO. I’ve run both for years without issue. A single motor even works well if you don’t expect monster acceleration and hills… it’s all in the gearing and your expectations. Good lipos or good li ion - can’t beat good component selection sized appropriately for your needs.

All that said - i’d still do dual motors if able, and teh best battery you can afford, or a few if you want to swap.

I’m also a fan of the new 40t wheel gears from @torqueboards / Dexter/DIYes. Gearing down and upping the voltage is the best solution IMO. Regardless of batteries.

I ride my GF’s single motor setup probably more than she does (i give my Marbel to guests and ride hers usually). Single 635x 200kv w/ 8s lipos and old 4.7/4.8 VESC. 9mm belts skip on me, but i’ll swap to 12mm one day w/ new wheel gear (also printed wheel pulley).

So, don’t want to go super fast, don’t need monster hills, or range - what’s the issue then? Budget?

Welcome and GL!


I am 230lbs I went with dual vesc 6355 190kv 12s and 12/38 gearing. love this setup! Totally agree, go high voltage and over 3/1 gearing especially with single drive. Try for a 15mm belt if you can, I had some slippage when I was running single motor on a 12mm belt.


Good idea - especially the 15mm if you go single.

A word of caution - don’t go down to a 12t motor gear - not enough teeth “in mesh” and more prone to slip regardless of tension or belt width (skinnier is worse obviously). so 13/14 would be as low as i’d go. And the 40t if you can grab one from DIYes.

12s i’d probably go down to 149kv or the new 170’ish kv if you find a good motor. 10s all day long at 190kv is a great setup.

If your in the US I had a group buy going for 10s3p and 10s4p batteries. PM me if your interested, shipping mid-late January. I also sell 6374 190kv semsored motors, in stock and ready to ship.

I don’t want this to sound like an ad, let me know if you have any questions.

Great input. So now I’m looking for someone to spot weld a battery pack together for me in the UK… I could soldier a BMS myself but can’t justify buying a spot welder. Is it worth the extra to buy the over the 25r by Samsung. I will keep you updated on my "FB’s cruiser "

You should talk to @barajabali to see if he can make you a pack. Not sure if he can ship to UK.

I’ll defer to the experts, but as i understand it (depending # cells), you’ll probably want the 25R’s (20A vs the INR 30Q’s 15A). Less capacity (=Ah = miles), but less sag too (especially for a bigger guys like us). The more cells sharing the load - the less sag too…

Ok @Chaka and @barajabali - GO! (oh experts of 18650’s…)


Thanks @sl33py for advice, will remember the sag. International shipping of battery packs seems almost impossible if not exorbitantly expensive. I’ve been looking into soldiering a pack together . Going to introduce myself in the UK/EUROPE section see if anyone can help.

It lives!!! Working on the enclosure next and want a better deck… but testing is a hoot and new remote inbound. Does hills too :grin:

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So far 3 requests to build them 1…from my ‘test pilots’

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Yo so whats your final drive setup( belt thickness, how many teeth on pulleys etc) / where’d you get the pulleys/ how much did you pay? Im UK too, so would like to know :stuck_out_tongue: