So I'm guessing this isn't good

Guess I need new batteries, dammit.

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Zippys and nanotechs are known to puff with hardly any stres and be fine for 500 cycles. Its because the lithium in them is not pure.

Check the IR of the cells. That will be a true indicator for zippys and nano techs regardless of puffyness. Also you can freeze them to reduce the puff.

One thing for sure, don’t take zippys or nano techs below 3.75v/cell under load. Or the puffing will continue

So the puffiness isnt actually hard, its just like pressurized gas inside, not really sure what that means.

I accidentally left them plugged in for the last 3 months without using them at all so they might really be trashed.

What would be considered a bad IR value?

My old ones, before I made a li-ion pack were twice that size and still working ok. Don’t stress too much but take better care of them :thumbsup: