So, is there a reliable/small 2.4ghz remote that we can actually buy?

Everybody have had problems with the Winning remote, the Nano remote and all sort of bluetooth remotes cutting out, some even set their phones in Airplane Mode to run their boards, that’s crazy!

What would be the most reliable one besides the big GT2B?

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The remote + receiver combo is sold out at the moment though. Miami electric boards should have some stock however.

Does it has the same electronics found on the Winning remote?

no, completely different remote.

GT2B in a @FLATLINEcustoms mod. Purchase the COMPLETE mod. He will do everything for you. Plug and play!

It seems he is not offering his remote yet. Do you have informatuon about it?

PM @FLATLINEcustoms I got a complete mod remote from him perfect.

Just as @rodriguejoe1 said. Get a hold of @FLATLINEcustoms customs for a complete. He’s really quick and does a great job! It’s the most reliably remote I’ve had. Haven’t had one cut out or issue and I live right in the middle of a big city.

This is the one he made for me. I love it!


Thanks guys. I already sent him a PM, hope to hear from him back soon.

BTW how much did you guys pay for yours?

_Quote from @FLATLINEcustoms _ “The Mad Munkey v1 Complete is $100 without the LED battery gauge and $105 with it. The Complete includes $32 dollar Mad Munkey enclosure, the $30 GT2b to install into it, $30 Installation and a free lanyard with $8 for shipping. The $5 extra bucks gets you a LED that shows the battery life that uses such a small amount of power it is always on.”

It’s really not that much when You add up the remote cost, then the 3d printed mod, ect… It will also be safe!!!

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I actually ordered from them over a month and a half ago. Never got a valid tracking number or product or my money back. I contacted them and they told me to wait until after the return claim period was over to contact them, I never got the controller, contacted ali express and they assured me I would be copied on an email between them and the vendor and I didnt receive that either, tried going through them again once after that again and nothing. They never contacted me back or issued a refund. Went to my bank and explained to them what happened and they refunded me instead and started an inquiry with Ali express on my behalf. Today they contact me for the first time in almost 3 weeks once they got their money taken away from them.

I dont know how your experience was, this may have been an outlier but it was absolute shit.

weird, i got tracking numbers for all my purchases. It’s really up to aliexpress to set this right though.

I got a tracking number, actually 2, they were both invalid. I went back and forth with Aliexpress for a week with waiting times and using their convo option for customer service and I got no where so I just got fed up, went straight to the bank instead. They seamed very understanding. Again, this may be a one in a thousand type of deal but now they have to deal with my bank instead of me.

Yea, that’s why I throw everything on my credit card, if there are any problems, super easy to get my money back by filing a claim. Both my tracking #'s seem to valid and they just made it in the states yesterday.

I like the mini remote. printed case mods are coming.

and you are really going to want that ch2 for the next big esk8 mod. coming soon. :wink:

I have full built ones at home…from him. PM him. They work great.

Still waiting on a reply from @flatlinecustoms maybe they are busy, but I’m waiting since yesterday.

Do you know if the Benchwheel remote is 2.4ghz?

yep, i believe so

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Sorry, Thanksgiving family time. I am PMing you now.