So many motors out of stock! Need help

I had a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 5065-236kv Brushless Outrunner Motor but the holes warped and it couldent be fixed, I returned it and they said they dont have any of the motors left. What other motors would be similar to this one? One where I wouldent have to get new parts. Thank you!

I have 6354 sealed 190kv motors in stock with immediate shipping. 30 and 44mm mounting holes

Would this work with the Enertion Space Cell Pro 4 10S4P ?

Yes, 10s is the recommended voltage!

These are better motors than SK3’s as well. They are specifically designed for E-skate and you won’t have a problem with the holes warping! 236kv is too high for 10s with vesc anyway. 190kv is the standard for 10s with Vesc for reliability

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any word on the 6374 190kv? i have my 12s-cheapo-lipo-build all set up and ready to go, this is the last component i haven’t ordered yet.

I’m not comfortable selling the motors I have mow. I would need to get more in stock, which could be 3 weeks.

SK3? Or you need sensored?

I just bought the motors, am I going to have to change my gear ratios?

i would much prefer sensored but if you have an sk3 you can sell me lying around that would be baller

No you don’t have to, but if you want the same speed as before you will need at 16t motor or 40t to wheel Pulley.

I don’t have any, but a few do:

Sk3 6374 SAITE 6374 SAITE 6374

Unsensored - I think it’s worth the wait for sensored (diyelectricskateboard mid march) if you plan to run BLDC. If you run FOC, then unsensored is fine.

since i’m running a really high voltage, its safer to go with BLDC, right?

Heya! What are your shipping costs and estimated delivery times (based on current availability) to Australia? Thanks!

Delivery can be 3-4 weeks and the package is likely to get lost if I ship via USPS (FedEx and UPS are way to expensive). Total would be about $28 shipping

Where are u located? Alien power systems’ motors from UK have been legit

Thanks @JLabs! I’m getting the itch to build now pretty bad so might have to find something more local. Your motors do look bloody beautiful though! :heart_eyes:

Hey @Tuomalar - I’m actually living in Oz - formally from the UK though…not that that helps :joy:

Thanks for the kind words!

I just got the motor, and the holes arent even close to to matched up. I cant even get two of the holes lined up.