So, who are you?

high school student has poor English skills according to @Mikenopolis, likes to run track one of th fastest runners in city top 8, likes to do math alot. I play only one video league of legends made it to diamond 1 was .01% top in the leader boards out of 62 million. Also likes to tinker with technically and tech savvy pretty much sums up my life am camera shy you could say lol besides working with carvon part time, also likes to go fast In general anything that I can get my hands on


Im just a dad who is trying his best! 31 years old. Play guitar, love BJJ and enjoy to medicate responsibly :grin:. Just got into eskate in march And in a few months ive taught myself to solder, learned about battery building and motors and am already planning a second and third build lol. If im not working im either coaching tball or skating… maybe on the xbox lol. I love my wife and son and am looking forward to getting old with them


I´m a german Media Engineer for a living in a printing company, have two beautiful ladies, like you see in the pics above. Am often outside or doing battery builds for you guys :slight_smile:


I swear if ya keep coming in here with ya hot wives…


Such a great post - it’s great to be able to put faces to the names.

I’m a dad…

…a traveller

…guitar player


…guitar builder


…beach dweller


…fire lover


…snow lover


…oh and I have a job similar to a couple of other guys here and head up a small team of Business Intelligence dudes.


Ah dude… BJJ… I used to play, under Gustavo Bomba, Brazilian Top Team Australia, when he was training out of Gouger St in Adelaide. I used to cut weight down to 75kg, geez that’s a lifetime, 25kg and nearly 10 years ago :rofl:


No way!!! My coach is Kane Geyling (AJA) who also trained under Bomba, Leonardo Arruda and now Marcos de Souza of Bonsai in Japan. I’m only new to the sport but love it!! Not very kind on my body though! :sweat_smile:


Yeah it’s a young mans game, hard on the joints & keeping my weight down when your older is savage.

So, that’s me.


Playing on the beach of Cádiz, Spain

A pile of kids (my three girls…) and me.

Med school doing something that smokes

With the old Fender. Forgot how to play.

At the hospital. Dissecting and Diagnosing…

Punch me in the face.


I dunno why but this picture makes me think of Murdock from the A-Team. Lol


I was thinking of step brothers :rofl:

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Me 4! I’m in SD.


I fly a lot, literally, but also on a board of course.


Pirate Barber*

I had a pirate Barber once too(pic in my post way up there^^)


LOL, Me too. I have no pictures of my face or family on Instagram, people on facebook don’t even know I have 3 year old daughter. After years of seeing all my friends turn into over sharing their private life and baby pictures I swore that off.


chicken! I guess if you have a lot to hide it would be appropriate…HAHAHAHAHAHA…


Damn. I see a lot of san diego reppin!! Whens the next sd group ride??

Tomorrow at 7am…

:slight_smile: likewise.

My two sons have Aspergers (and therefore ‘social media’ does not yet compute) so we decided a long time ago to never post pics so they wouldn’t one day log in and see all these pics of them from before their early intervention, PT, OT, ABA and Verbal Behaivor therapies. We don’t want to take away their right to create their identity.

Behold, the first pic of me and my son online (from last night). Hamilton County MRDD told me this one would never live unassisted and had an IQ of 90.

Twelve years and one ocean of therapy costs later, Nick graduated last night from one of America’s top private high schools with scholarship offers from six universities. Nick does not have the physical coordination for sport - so to become a student coach, he attended every single game from every single sport his high school offered until they took him on as a student coach.

Then, they won state. Nick was honored along with all athletes, equally.

Never give up. Ever.

Danielle already wants me to delete these posts lol but I do very much value you guys, your talent and commitment to the cause. Thanks for having me.


Thanks for posting! Congratulations Nick!!!