SoCal (Irvine) Group Ride Saturday July 7th 2018 Shady Canyon Trail 5:00PM

EDIT: It’s showing that it will be 101F on Saturday. Jerry and I are changing the time to 5:00pm!!!

A few of us are planning to ride on July 7th starting at the “Shady Canyon Trail Parking in Irvine” Just look that up on Google Maps. It’s right off the 405/Sand Canyon exit. Plan is to meet up after lunch time at around 5:00pm and head out by 5:30pm there are three parking area close to the start of the trail so circle out and park in the other lots if necessary.

This city is filled with awesome trails to be discovered. I mapped out this trail (the bottom red line) which is only about 4 miles long, but I looped it around and found a few smaller trails that eventually loops back. From start to finish it’s just a hair under 10 miles, there are some dirt pathways parallel to the cement for those who are into that.

Who’s down to join?! @DevoCut @LEVer @Exiledd_Top @Titoxd10001 @psychotiller @mccloed @thisguyhere @chris.hunt @anorak234 who else is from SoCal?

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That looks super fun, will have to check it out next time I’m back in OC

Aye! I’m in San Fran then. :disappointed:

I will be out in San Diego then, I will see if I can make it up there!

Looks to be about an hour and a half away, not to bad


couple hours out likely workin full time in a couple of days. gotta fund addiction. OR i WOULD SO BE THERE


I’m driving through Cali so I can probably make it


Man, I want NorCal group Rides! 8 hours each way is a LITTLE too far of a drive.

are you in the bay area?

No, Chico almost 2 hours north of Sacramento.

hmmm guess that’s still a 2 hour drive to the awesome BAESK8 rides

I’m in Lake Forest. If my board is ready by then, which I hope it is, then I’m in for sure!

Can’t make this one but I’ll be at ciclavia this Sunday in the valley if anyone wants to tag along


Checked out the trail this morning. Noticed motor issue after 4 miles and had to turn back. Hopefully get this fixed before the next ride.


Meeting near the restrooms at the start of the trail map

So bitter… going to some wedding for some random friend of the wife… id rather be skating

I know the feeling. I have a 3 year old’s birthday party to go to before. Then I got fatherly duty starting at 5:30 becuase the wife is meeting up with her friends in LA.

That trail looks so nice for esk8ing.

EDIT: It’s showing that it will be 101F on Saturday. Jerry and I are changing the time to 5:00pm!!! Wait a bit and ride out at 5:30pm



Hey. I’m on sure if I have ridden with you before, but I’m friends with Chris and Justin. I’ll see you Saturday!


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It was awesome riding with everyone! :sunglasses: The route / trail was beautiful too.

Looking forward to making my way out to Irvine again soon! Hopefully next time with my Arc Aileron V2 instead of the Ownboard. :nerd_face:

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