SoCal (Irvine) Group Ride Sunday March 31st 11:00am

FYI. Chris Noble posted a ride in Irvine. This is right next to the Quail Hills trail which I love. Should be an awesome ride



image image image


Cant remember which one i did and ate shit in irvine

Simon, You lost your shoe right? This is the place :joy:. I almost ate it the other morning attempting to ride the dirt trail. The rain washed away a lot of spots

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Yup still havent replaced the shoelace

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Hey, do you know how long it is, I would like to come but the only board I have is the Landwheel and as You might know, the range is really limited

Not sure what route Chris plans to do. But generally group rides do 7-10 miles and then stop to charge and have lunch.

Def be there for this one. Hells yeah!!!

Ill be there

@KaramQ looks like a 10 Mile ride then charge you might need to get an Uber unless you got two chargers for the LW…or three batteries


Yikes, I’m going out of my way to go all the way to Irvine, i probably won’t come then. Wish I could but the Landwheel can hardly get 5 miles for each battery

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Yeah a lot of boards are not meant for our group rides. Out of all my boards, only one is for these

Damn. If Irvine wasn’t like 1.5hrs away, I’d be there. This is w no traffic.

Waiting for parts for a rebuild, would love to there.