Sofirn 21700 4000mAh datasheet?


I recently found this battery on the internet and I found some very good reviews and you can find these for a very good price. But I can’t find the datasheet with discharge curves. Some think they are like the Samsung 40T but Sofirn comfirmed it’s not just a rebrand.

I really hoped lygte had tested this cell so we could see the discharge curve.

Maybe someone else knows more about these?

the maximum discharge is 12A, I don’t know where your 40A comes from

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Where did you get the 12A from? They say 10C so that’s 40A but of course that’s a lot so I guess around 30A max like the samsung 40T.

I also asked Lygte to test this cell.

It’s on the page you linked to. 12A if you keep the battery under 45 degrees, and 6A max between 45 and 60 degrees centigrade.

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