SoFlow Lou 1.0 Issues

Yeah I use a bypassed bestech. I was wondering where you found that one since I have to get two each time I want one.

A while back I was going to go with the V2.0. From diyeboard and he said don’t because it doesn’t work well with the hubs lou board makes for some reason and to stick with the V1

wow a 10s1p???

Just wanted to give you heads up. SoFLow delivered the new battery as promised without charging anything for it. No demand of bill or anything, no sending back the old one, just good service. The last one I wanted to emphasize, since I read some bad reviews concerning service for Lou on the internet. And it works apparently. So the issue actually was on the battery.

So long Rob.

PS: Now that the old battery is still in my posession I definitly will have a look inside and presumably going to mess around with it. Hehe.

I got the same issue, I just opened my Lou board battery pack and found that positive nickel bar spot weld was disconnected to the battery. Haven’t do some soldering to reconnect it. May be on some free time. Well I can say is, build quality and design of the battery is not good. Spot welding the nickel bar to the battery didn’t last. I only used it for 3months. I feel bad about it. Maybe the should pack it well that can withstand the vibrations and shocks on Lou board.


The way they make that battery is just shitty all around. I spot welded the one I built for it and it’s lasted plenty

Does anyone have a lou board that doesn’t work and just want to get rid of it ? My deck broke in half, and I need a new one :smiling_face_with_tear: