Softer alternative to Orangatang Kegels?

I’m running 80a orange kegels on my Unik board and I find the urethane too hard for my liking.

I don’t want to replace the pulleys if I can help it, so I’m looking for a softer alternative with the same hub in a 80mm or 83mm size as I’m not interested in bigger wheels.

Does this even exist?

Would love to know of anything that might work!

I found the popocas better but they’re 90mm. You might behave to look at pulleys change. I’d have thought there might be some cheap 12mm enertion pulleys out in the wild soon?

What about something without a hub so I can just drill into the urethane to run the pulley bolts through the wheel?

Has anyone done this?

Boosted has with the V1 boosted board but it’s not easy cause the bolts have to go through the core of the wheel not just urethane.

Can be done, not recommnded…¨ You ahve to be really carefull and skileld to make your pulley centered correctly, if it isnt than it overload your belt and the belt wont last long, or you will ahve to run it loose, which is not good idea :confused: But Jed boards are colaborating with Oranagatang company on making bigger (and probably softer) wheels, IDK if they will be sold separatly and for how much and when :confused:

How about these, they share the same core…and are 79a 76mm tall 57mm wide 79a Inset - The back is deeper than the face. Sharp lip inside and slightly rounded outside


I prefer the Ollin Popoca 90mm wheels to Kegels and abec even

I wonder who actually makes them, I’m curious, says they are from California and made with “race formula” ummmmmmmm…

I haven’t tried them myself as I use Abec11 pulleys but they look interesting…

I’m guessing Labeda makes them just like Kegels

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These look like a good option. Maybe a bit small. I’ll see. Thanks!

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Just got the Ahmyo wheels. They are amazing!


Yeah, chaka has posted up before that Labeda are the manufacturer of his wheels, no guessing required!


Thanks guys…