Solar Charging SPACE Cell?

Anyone have any thoughts on solar charging the SPACE Cell? I was reading up on these topics, but didn’t get much info about what charging station would work: & would something like this work (along with like a car battery): Side note: I’m not too familiar about requirements to charge a battery and whatnot, so any info is appreciated

@cmatson is an expert on solar panelled eboards :grinning:

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eh, not expert, but I managed to make a solar setup that worked.

I just had my pannels set up to output roughly 14v with passing sun and clouds- then, simply ran that DC input to my Lipo charger, and was able to charge at around .5 amps with good sunlight.

it would probably be better to route the panels through a car battery, and then into the charger to account for when a cloud passes by and the output amperage drops, but that depends on the weather and where you live.

@cmatson I just wanted this as like a charging station at home, I don’t need it to be that mobile. Basically something to replace plugging it into the wall. So this: should suffice with a car battery?

yep, that’d definitely suffice. You’d be able to charge your batteries way faster than my small panels on my actual board.

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