Solar panel project

So my electrical engineer club at my school is doing a Solar Panel project. I was thinking of using my knowledge in electric skateboard to help them build this. My plan was to use the solar panel to charge the li-ion battery pack to store the energy and use that energy to charge phones and other application. I’ve done a little research and notice that most solar panel system convert DC current from the panels to AC current and connect to a power grid. Since it’s a small project I don’t think we will be doing that but I’ll take it into consideration. As of right now, I’m planning to build a battery pack of my own WITH a BMS to balance the charge. I’m planning to do a 6s because I don’t see why I need to go more than 22.2 volts.

My step-dad has build a DIY solar power in our house so I should ask him but he uses car battery and I would like to use li-ion. From what I heard, car battery doesn’t last long but I could be wrong. I wanted li-ion because it used in almost everything and is not toxic compare to those acid car battery.

To weld the battery, I’ve look up some simple spot welder and came across capacitor spot welder. I think it’s relatively cheap, therefore I can save a couple bucks for the battery.

Another concern I have is that if a have a battery pack with a capacity of 50,000 mA or 50A, would a BMS able to handle a high current?

If anyone with solar experience, could let me know if my thinking is correct it would be really helpful.

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A BMS will handle a high capacity, like 50Ah, just fine. A discharge rate of 50A is only handled by certain BMS, you’d have to check in their ratings. Most BMS we use here are 10A to 80A maximum and any amount of Ah.

So I don’t have to worries about hooking up a bunch of parallel batteries. I think we just gonna do a big battery that’s going to recharge the phones. If we have enough budget, I think we might buy an inverter to have AC output.