(SOLD) 100 Used FAKE cells, US only

These are 100 FAKE 30Q cells I bought awhile ago, pulled from my NESE modules so the heatshrink is messed up on a few of them… Would anyone be interested in these for science lol? i hate to see them all the time and i cant bring myself to just toss em away. The closer you are to TX the cheaper the shipping. Ide like $50 plus shipping but idk know if its worth it to anyone.1553811935273975116320

Please see the threads for full details on how these were determined to be fake.

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You should buy 100 Mini Remotes and mod them to be li-ion and sell them :wink:


Dude it took me like a year just to get my board ridable, and its still not perfect. Ide probably die before i modded 100 mini remotes :joy:


Thses might work well in flashlights then that have 18650 sockets.

I actually just bought one of those to manually balance a stubborn P group, so i could maybe use a couple… but not 100. Either way im a lil bitter at these cells lol

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you do know that flashlights draw a metric poop ton of power right? :sweat_smile:

if one cells turns into a rocket you’ll have a metal plate flying at you :rofl:


Would it be viable to build a portable Battery Pack with the sole purpose of charging your board to a certain percent.


i think it would be lol, the cells are prolly around 2700-3000mah, they prob have a good cap but cant discharge very fast

@b264 Would you be willing to sell 5-10 of them? I’ve got a battery powered herb vape that could use some new batteries.

Yeah but i already have a 12s8p so ive got enough battery to lug around… thatd be to much weight i feel

Maybe, if i cant sell in a couple days ide be willing to break em up and give them out for the shipping cost and toss the rest. I seriously want these gone lol

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Most flashlights don’t draw very much current.

until you get in range of 3000 lumen flashlights which are as bright as cars

Here is what i would do. Buy a DPS and use those cells as a portable charger for various things. Build some small Powerbanks for mobile devices. What did you pay for the 100 cells?

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If you sell individuals, i’l buy a few to practice spot welding


Remind us again, where did these fake cells come from? Please drop links…

Links are dead, it was from dhgate. Tried contacting seller and they never responded so i quite. I dont remember the purchase price bc it was like a year ago. More details in the original post links.

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Question, what’s the voltage of each, are they dead? I have a friend who might be interested.

Not dead, they arent balanced either. Just checked 5 at random 3.869, 3.877, 3.818, 3.880, 3.882. If ur actually interested ide be willing to go through them all but they are fine. I just dont know their actual mah or discharge capacities and what not

These are liitokala cells right?

Last i heard they actually deliver on capacity, but at like 0.2C. They just don’t deliver the amperage of genuine cells. So may be fine in a low current application.

Make a bunch of usb charged power banks as gifts to friends and family?