[SOLD] 10s bms hcx-d223v1 [eu]

For my build I needed a 10S so I ordered two from Bestech cause they only sell two or more at a time.

So now I have a spare one I’d like to sell.

It’s this board:


In the end it cost me a bit more than expected so I would like to split the cost. So that will be 80 euro for the board.

The board itself is 40 dollar but with shipping and import costs I payed 160 euro for two boards.

I’m from Holland so I think it would be best to sell it to someone in Europe.

atm the board has one incorrect connector on the wires delivered, but I asked is they can send replacement wires.

I have been using these modules for some time now and they are rock solid. Not the cheapest but worth every penny!

i´ll buy it, iam from germany … its unused ?

@mptrs that’s a fair price, we had similar high shipping costs from BT in a group buy about a year ago.

The BMS is new in closed package. The only problem is they added a wrong connector on the two wire cable, but I mailed them and think it’s possible to get replacements. Not sure how long this will take tho and maybe it’s easier to buy the correct one.

Shipping to Germany will €9,31 without tracking and €13,00 with tracking, but I can make you a deal and do €10 with tracking.

what are these two wires for ? do i need them ?

the last bms i used has 10 wires for balancing and thats it.

it shouldnt be a problem i think iam good at soldering.


by the way … how do i pay ?

There are 2 connectors for the 10s balance ports One connector has 8 wires and one connector has 2 wires. They split the harness into 2 parts. I don’t know why they did this but thats how its suppose to be So with your order of 2 modules you should have gotten two 8 wire harnesses and two 2 wire harnesses.

Ok I see now, it looks like a 3 pin connector. Have you tried it to verify that it doesn’t line up?

Yeah tried it but won’t fit. Send them a mail and waiting for an answer.

Easiest way is paypal I guess. That’s what I used last time I sold my deck.

@Namasaki do you know what the connector is called? Cause it doesn’t look like a JST-XH.

@Tobi I’ll check the pin spacing, cause there are very minor differences in the JST family.

My paypal is https://paypal.me/michiel and the total will be 90 euro, that’s including shipping.

okay … i payed you now.

I see. Can you PM me your address, I’ll try and ship it today.

I looked around online but there are so many variations of connectors. It would be best to get it sorted out through Bestech


let me know when it will be shipped :slight_smile:

Yeah there are too many variations that might not fit properly.

The XH look too thick.

Waiting for Bestech to send something back, most of the time they have been very responsive.

Thanks for the help tho.

Have they responded to your email? I would email Lucy directly about this. She has always be prompt in responding to my emails.

Just got a reply if I have any orders it can be shipped with. Said no and asked for the connector name as well.

And asked if they can send the replacements.

@Tobi package is getting to the postal office as we speak. Will update you when I know more about the connector and when the replacements get here I’ll send it if you still need it, for free of course.

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