Sold: 12S LiFePO4 BMS and LED Voltmeter from Bestech

I’ve got a HCX-D223V1 BMS and HCX-D142 meter for sale. The minimum order quantity is 2 for each model # so I am selling the extra pair. Bestech is still shipping/manufacturing, but if you are planning on making a A123 12S pack and need a BMS and working battery charge indicator, then might as well get this one. This BMS has a built in e-Switch so you can power on/off your board easy.

Once again, I’ll be able to ship within the next two week estimated by Bestech just message me if you are interested.

$75 Shipped to USA

More data below. BMS: Gauge:

Exact Order Spec Sheet:

PS: I know the Charge Level thingy is mad ugly :stuck_out_tongue: I am just ripping off the cover and doing my own thing for it.

The mbs link is for 8S, wich one is for 12S or 8S ?

Thanks for catching that.

I corrected it. It is a 12S BMS.

Hello there :slight_smile: How have this bms work for you ?

I got a pair of this and one was DOA and the other burned. :frowning:

No issues so far. Not sure about the person I sold it to. They never updated.

What setup are you running and what exactly went wrong?


I have a 12S 14Ah A123 pack Connected as specified and the trace next to the discharge port just blew up after 10 minutes, I was not even spinning the motors.

I’ll upload some picture latter.

That’s odd… So the trace just blew up? Sounds like you pulled too much current?

At best a minimum load. no high current. No at all, I was programming the ESC when this happened.

Was the eswitch activated?

yes the e-switch was activated

But what i don’t get is that there was not a heavy load from the ESC.

Here are some picture

I think somethings happened on the middle leg of the mosfet oposite the discharge port. You can see a burn mark from that leg to the discharge port, maybe it arc

You sure you didn’t short circuit something? That looks severe! I am not really sure how the pcb is set up but did Bestech say anything?

That looks super scary… I know @RunPlayBack uses the same BMS. Not sure if he has had any issues or not. Would be nice to get a third guy on this. Also @Namasaki has one. No issues with either one of us. I’ve put maybe 20 miles on my board by now so nothing significant but they probably have 100s of miles with no issues.

@kaly @Pantologist nope no issues on my BMS. put a lot of mileage on it too.

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No issues with mine either.

I’m still awaiting on a reply from the manufacturer. Well thank you guys for your input :slight_smile:

I’m interested in getting a 10s 100a one. Anybody want to go in?

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Which model?

Yeah, I think my BMS failed today… The soft switch doesn’t work anymore to stop voltage, but nothing turns on. The motor controller won’t turn on with the voltage. I’ll have to try directly with the battery.

Something must be shorted or damaged. Either the BMS or ESC or motor…

Sorry to hear that.