[SOLD]. 12s4p, dual focboxes, dual 6374 maytechs, hummie build

Hate to do this but… no choice.

Build for sale.

  • Deck - hummie single cutout
  • Trucks- surfrodz tkp or rkp ( your choice)
  • Wheels- abec 107 or pneumatic (your choice)
  • Vesc- focboxes
  • Battery - @psychotiller 12s4p
  • Motors- maytech 190kv 6374 from @hyperIon1
  • Remote- mini trigger
  • Enclosure- psychotiller
  • cnc case on both focboxes, metro pro, b264 loopkey, extra double stack enclosure from @bigben

Motors have about 50 miles on them. Whole board probably has no more than 75 miles on it. Battery has been charged a hand full of times. 20190315_184457 20190316_084349 20190316_084337 20190316_084411 20181206_191932 20190313_115019 20190313_114958 20190316_084200 20190316_084242 20190315_184439 20190316_084229 20190316_084252

Asking $1400 +shipping (OBO) Make offer. Worst i can say is no.

Located in Eugene Oregon


Why do you need to sell it? Let me guess, the wifey is mad


Any chance of parting it out?

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Will not be parted out. Sale is for a full build. Funds are needed in lump some.


Just trying to keep a roof over my family’s head.

Not yet. Unless i have offers on the majority of it from people who won’t back out.


Hope you didnt mind me speaking for you homie lol


All good dude


Thats a really cool build

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Your keeping the x braces I hope

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Nice Sled all good gear low miles…

If anybody wants a $2000+ pre-built board, this is THE deal for you.

I can’t imagine if I saw this pop up before I started building, I would have bought it immediately having all the knowledge I have now. This is a pristine build with top notch components for a shockingly low price.

I’m so sad to see it go man :cry:

Best of luck


Ugh, sorry man. Such a beautiful board. I hope it goes to a good home.

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Dude, that’s both rad (the board) and sad (needing to sell). I wish I was in a financial position to buy it from you, and hold (ride) it for you until you could buy it back.

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I was thinking the same. I’ve already spent half that in this hobby and my board isn’t even close to this, lol

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For real… the amount of parts I bought that weren’t compatible that I just have sitting around is embarrassing :expressionless:

This will get snatched up quick if someone is smart.

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This board is everything I wanted…if I had any money left it would be gone rn

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That’s up to the buyer

Its not up to the buyer its up to you dude keep those so you can rebuild a greater Fetts Vets


Sale pending *

Looks like its sold. I wanna die lol


:disappointed_relieved: must be tough. Hang in there man. I’m sure if and when you’re ready to build something again, the community will help you out