[SOLD] 1x Brand New TB6380 motor

I got 1 brand new torque board 6380 170kv motor for sale. 8mm shaft, comes with 3mm keyway, 5.5 connectors. Here is a link from TB website for the motor: https:///collections/electric-skateboard-motors/products/electric-skateboard-motor-6380-170kv

Comes with keyway, and 5.5 female connectors as well. Never plugged in, never mounted. tiny scratch on the motor, circleed in red.

Looking for 110USD. Buyer pays shipping. Located in Southern California, USA. Pick up in person available as well.

If you want more pictures or have any questions, please feel free to message me.




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@venom121212 what about these

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where in socal do you live?

I just saw you on the Irvine ride last weekend.

with that said. OC

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HAHAHA oh Shit. Fuuuuuck yeah, couldn’t tell from the screen name hahaha. Whats got you getting rid of em out of curiosity?

Yeah, I am gonna try out AS5047 encoder.

ROFL. But did you go and introduce yourself as @370HSSV? 247d90704c6c969181971aa64dee5d10

In all seriousness what was your name again…and your no helmet friend?


My man @370HSSV has a lotus, don’t those cost like 80k?

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By the time you are my age $80K would probably be the base price of a Corolla hahahaha!


Sticking to my 2002 accord. Might take my dads pimped out Acura thou

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PMed, 10 char.

I forgot to mention on the origional post, but I’d like to sell these two motors together.

If anyone wants just one, please let me know as well, @Gamer43 is interested in the other one.

@Mikenopolis nah, I didn’t introduce myself as 370HSSV aka “asshole” I need to start doing that tho.

@KaramQ lol, that’s not my car, that picture just for reference.


Just Thought I’d bump this :).

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Hump day bump

Fried day bump.

110USD shipped in USA.

It’s good to have backups :grinning:

I’d take them both if I can sell a set of psychotiller’s 5065 220kv motors. Only been on bench, I had issues with motor detection, but I think it might have been bunk ESCs.

I can’t keep accumulating parts, but 2 in, 2 out is good.

I’m in SD, I know at least one person on this thread was interested in them.

I’ll run detection, list them on forum. I’ll be your back up buyer in a week if not sold.

https://psychotiller.com/collections/frontpage/products/custom-maytech-5065-sensored-220kv-motor image

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Where did you get black paychotiller motor from?

China…they just copied tillers motors …damn it…

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HUMP DAY lil bump

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