SOLD: (2) 6354 230kV motors

(2) 6354 230kV motors - bought these from about (2) months back

PRICE: $88 for both shipped (2-day USPS priority mail)

REASON FOR SALE: Motors work like brand new, but i needed to buy some lower kV motors (lower top speed, higher torque)

INFO: I fired these up with dual vesc6 setup with 60A limit with a 12s4p 44V battery pack and EPRM hit a max of 53,000 so well below the 60k soft limit and 100k hard limit of the vesc’s.

Sold to @Mobutusan – thanks everyone for your interest

I saw these a while ago but figured it would be nice to let someone else have a crack at firsts.

Are these still available?

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Nah it says sold in the title

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I can’t read…you’ll have to forgive me from time to time

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Haha no worries

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