[sold] 2 Bestech BMS 10S 37V 60A Li-ion E-Switch for sale EU


im selling 2 Bestech BMS they are brand new, never used them, 42 USD each.

more details HCX-D223V1, charging/discharging in same terminal, the max. continuous current is 60A.

the dimensions of the bms large 12cm width 8cm height 2cm


if you are interested send me a pm



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You are loosing money unless you went in to the factory and smuggled them in europe right?

I know a guy who will take one @rene

i know man… i just want to clean my room :slight_smile: thanks

reserved to @Luuke and @rok pending to confirm the shipping costs, thanks for your interest

update: @luuke is out, if someone are interested pm me (europe-uk please), thanks

Soo you are “cleaning out” hmmmm. Is there a little esk8er on the way or what?

If there is a space reserve it for me please

@monkey32 haha no way! I’ve bought too many things that im not using…

@BoostedBuilder i sent you a pm

1 bms sold and sent to @Jumpman

1 left, Anyone interested ?

I want the BMS