[SOLD] (2) Carvon V2.5 Singles for V3/V4 + Cash

Anyone interested in trading their V3/V4 Carvon speeddrives for 2 single v2.5s + cash?

Mine are used, working condition with 90mm Abec Flywheels.

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Friendly advice.

Just sell them. No one is gonna want to trade V3/V4 for V2.5

What do you want for them? Me likely v2.5’s

Yeah, I highly doubt anybody would. I guess depends on how much + cash.

I’ve tried looking for dual v3’s to buy from someone no where to be found , just wait till December Boise for restock , get your pennies saved

They won’t be making v3s anymore it’s only v4 and torquedrive

I was riding with Jerry today and asked him about selling the motors separately. He doesn’t have any foreseeable plans to sell them separately in the future. His focus is on offering a range of completes.

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Nooooooooooo time to hang myself

Time to end my dream and life along with it rip me and speed drives :cry:

It was all a ruzeee I bin bamboozled

He might make some exceptions for experienced DIY’ers so its worth asking once he places his nex t order, but if I understood him correctly he wont be offering them to the general public as he’s found they require a massive amount of customer support and warranty work due to the fact that many of the people that purchased motors only are not adequately prepared to set them up and tune them properly.

CarvON went to CarvOFF :frowning: That means someone else will have to start selling something like that then. He’s leaving $money$ on the table. EVERYONE wants those.


Enertion went the same direction, there’s a method to their madness Im sure. I think atm he’s super busy with building and designing completes. I hope he finds a way to offer them separately again in the future as well.

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I get that; but I am saying if I personally had a product that everyone wanted, I would scour the Earth to find a way to have a high enough production volume to sell it to them - before I would just wait foranother company to do it for me. Which will eventually happen.

Probably not, no one has the Carvon name and in top of that carvon sells them at a price only a small company would be able to sustain, in order for a company to pickup what they are doing they will meed a large sum of money to produce a large quantity in bulk to produce enough to sell at a low enough cost to make a profit

Anyone interested?

Are you selling for cash as well? or only for trade.

I’d be willing to sell too.

Forgot to mention, one of the set screws is stripped but shouldn’t cause issues

If anyone wants to buy, $400 shipped. Comes with authentic caliber baseplates, hangers, double barrel bushings and two carvon v2.5 singles, ABEC 90mm flywheels. Spun them both up on the VESC both function properly.