[SOLD] 2 Focboxs for sale €115 each

Have two focboxs for sale, both brand new.
Have only been tested to make sure they are working and update to Ackmaniac firmware.

€115 each. Take both and I will include a new extra bluetooth module I have that can be used with Ackmaniac VESC Monitor app

I am intressed mate

These are brand new? Guaranteed 100% new and working correctly?

They have been updated and tested to be working. Have never been used and are for sale now because I have replaced them with 2 ESCapes.

Have updated prices for the Focbox to €115 each

I also have a Never summer 2016 deck with a Eboosted enclosure that I am looking to part ways with. Don’t have time until next week to get it out and take some photos so If interested PM me for more details.

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You have warranty on it?

No Enertions “Warranty” is only 60 days. They have been sitting on my desk waiting to be used for longer than that.